1:1 Wall color and design consultations

Color and Organization workshops to help you design a home that feels and functions the way you dream.   

Group Programs to help you up-level your life by designing the perfect spaces for the way your family lives




Join me + moms across the country as we support our daughters in becoming the most  the MAGNIFICENT versions of themselves through the 
MAGIC of Interior Design.


Tired of searching for the perfect neutral wall color to create your design vision?

Understand the science behind color, undertones, and find the color that shows off your style!

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”



Your daughter deserves a space as unique as she is.

But reigning in her all her ideas can be hard.
Especially if, those ideas don't fit the budget.

Creativity + Confidence= Empowered Women

How do you navigate the challenges of raising a confident daughter while maintaining all the LIGHT + LOVE she brought into the world?

How do you teach her to trust her ideas and intuition when you sometimes question your own?

How do you feel “organized” when the “stuff” keeps growing and the activities keep changing?


Tapping Into the Truth of Who YOU Are

As our daughters grow, they reflect back on US the little girls we used to be YET they are their own amazing, unique magical beings.

When you embrace the magic….

When you recognize your own unfulfilled design dreams…

When you can do that TOGETHER, your relationship flourishes and beautiful spaces are born!

Here’s where we can start……

Meet Your Design Guide: Lynne Niehaus

Hi! I’m Lynne. As an artist, interior designer, biologist, and momma of some pretty incredible girls, I know the challenges of raising strong, independent girls that embrace their creative authenticity in today's environment. 

It took the birth of my first daughter in strange city far away from my friends and family for me to start to see the creativity I had abandoned by becoming a Molecular Biologist was an essential part of who I needed to be.  

It is through the eyes of my own beloved daughters I found my way back to myself. And it was in wanting to honor their own creative expression I learned to become a guide for other mothers weeding their way through the jungle of raising strong, independent daughters.

I've spent the last 10+ years in the Interior Design Industry creating inspired spaces that reflect the personality and style of my amazing clients: girls big and small.  And every space is as functional as it is fun!💖

Want to dive in?

Here are all the ways to work with me…


Girls Bedroom Design


Are you and your daughter at odds with how her room should be? Are her ideas all over the place or seem financially unrealistic? Do you struggle to give her the guidance she needs to create a bedroom that supports her busy life and unique style?

Color + Design Packages


Are you struggling to find the perfect color for your space? Are you trying to create flow throughout your home?  Are you afraid of making an expensive mistake? 

Choosing the right color for your walls will set the tone for your entire design and save you hundreds of dollars in the process.


Inner Harmony


An authentic, guided home makeover experience.  We will dig deep and get clarity into what's not working in your home.  We will work in tandem to carve out the inspired spaces that your soul craves.  Make important energetic shifts.  Learn to trust the unique way that YOU make decisions.  Feel held and supported as you rediscover the creativity of that little girl with big dreams that got left behind in the process of growing up.

The Ultimate Mother/Daughter design experience!

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